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I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver. – Maya Angelou

Endowing a Memory

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Confidant and long-time friend of Suzanne Lewin, Donna Basher, describes Suzanne as a woman who had a thirst for knowledge, incredibly smart, and very feisty! Suzanne’s love for education came from her mother, Henrietta Lewin, a third grade teacher in New York. Her education brought her to the Northwest and she quickly found a lifelong career with the Washington State Employment Security from which she retired in the early 1980’s. Suzanne had tremendous respect for her mother who died from Parkinson’s Disease in the 70’s. She witnessed the difficulties that her mother faced and the limited support resources available to her at that time. It quickly became her mission to study the progress and treatment of patients affected by Parkinson’s.

“Family First, Evergreen Second”

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"Family first, Evergreen second” is how Foundation Board Member Teddy Overleese sums up her commitment to EvergreenHealth Foundation. I wanted to be involved with an organization that was meaningful to the community and Evergreen hits home for me and my family. There have been visits to emergency room and surgeries, but when John, my husband of 46 years, needed cancer care and later hospice, my Evergreen family was there. The phenomenal physicians and staff were kind and caring, but most importantly they were thorough.


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Carolyn Dobkins is proof that philanthropy starts at a young age. At 9 years old, she decided to pool her resources and make a gift to support EvergreenHealth in her grandpa's memory. A thoughtful gift and a great start to a legacy of supporting her community.

A Legacy for Her Community

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Elizabeth Dorothea Eckmann, “an adventurous spirit and a zest for life” is how her niece, Diane Bunce, describes her. “Everything we did together was just plain fun and she always had a smile, a laugh, and a little shrug!” She had an extraordinary capacity to touch people and it was clear that her husband John and Dode (as her friends affectionately called her) wanted to take care of their community. By establishing a charitable trust through their estate planning, EvergreenHealth Foundation received a generous gift through her will. Dode had several relatives who received services at the Medical Center and the Wockner Hospice Care Center and they quickly recognized that EvergreenHealth was an important community asset worthy of their support.

The Gift of Mom

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Mary Joanne Andrews was known for her generosity and commitment to her family and friends. During her battle with breast cancer, she joined Bosom Buddies, the breast cancer support group at EvergreenHealth. She not only left a lasting impact on the group, by sharing her wisdom and advice, she also left her mark on the Halvorson Cancer Center. She made a commitment to support Cancer Care at EvergreenHealth through a legacy gift to fund a chemotherapy room at the Halvorson Cancer Center.