Legacy Society

These individuals have remembered EvergreenHealth with a charitable gift through their will or estate. Their legacy provides a foundation for growth and adavancement into the future.

Champion ($1 Million+)

Estate of Duane A. Droullard (2019)

Benefactor ($100,000 – $999,999)

Frances N. Marr (1997)
Mabel C. Knoertzer (2005)
Floyd L. Johnson (2009)
Suzanne L. Lewin (2014)
Betty L. Wockner (2018)
Karl and Sue Snepp (2019)

Ambassador ($50,000 – $99,999)

Burton and Paulyne Batchelor (2005)
Doris McNair (2012)
Carol S. Hawes (2016)
Claudia C. Welch (2016)
Estate of Leona M. Kirkey (2019)

Director ($25,000 – $49,999)

Ethel L. Wood (1995)
Wilbur Curtis Mann (2013)
Ellen C. Widmayer (2016)

Patron ($10,000 – $24,999)

Martha H. Weinberger (1996)
Mary E. HasBrouck (2005)
Family of Eleanor Robinson-Wallis (2005)
Bernice E. Tutt (2009)
John and Dorthea Eckmann Trust (2013)
Joan M. Batchelor (2016)

Legacy Partner ($1,000 – $9,999)

Dorothy C. Davis (1995)
Joe J. Griffin (1996)
Opal Keith (1998)
Mary F. Peck (2000)
John A. Orecchio (2001)
Dorothy Fullerton (2003)
Colleen H. McDaniel (2004)
Mary J. Stoneburner (2004)
Betty Margaret Case (2006)
Marie L. Knight (2006)
Sonya Anderson (2008)
Anna F. Gasslander (2008)
Katherine M. Olsen (2008)
David and Caroline H. Sizer Living Trust (2008)
Britt Louise Giner (2009)
T.M. Krunytzky (2009)
Bjarne Slind (2009)
Bernice E. Tutt (2009)
Mary Alice Driscoll (2011)
Michael J. Quinlan (2012)
Patricia Ann Marsh (2016)
Rose Saffron (2016)
Estate of Ruth M. Forhan (2019)

Members of the EvergreenHealth Legacy Society

Darrin Allison
Allen and Patricia Auvil
Jeff and Mary Bander
Diana Bishop
Katherine A. Carter
Don Desonier
Al and Donna DeYoung
Lucy DeYoung
Bob and Shirley Ferguson
Jeanette D. Greenfield
Dr. Wayne and Deborah Hill
John Hotta
Elaine K. Oswald-Huntting and Timothy Huntting
Kriss Kayl
Auggie and Sally Jo Kempf
Kurt S. Klabunde
Donna and Jim Minahan
Mr. G. Ross Nicoll
Teddy Overleese
Nancy and Ben Remak
Walter and Sarah Ryan
Margarete Sched
Phil and Robin Smiley
Dr. Eric Taylor and Ms. Sheena Aebig
Gifford E. Thomas
Robert Voiss
Ginger R. White
Mark and Susan Williams
Curtis R. Zimmerman