“Family First, Evergreen Second”

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Overleese Family
The Overleese Family

“Family first, Evergreen second” is how Foundation Board Member Teddy Overleese sums up her commitment to EvergreenHealth Foundation.

“I wanted to be involved with an organization that was meaningful to the community and Evergreen hits home for me and my family. There have been visits to emergency room and surgeries, but when John, my husband of 46 years, needed cancer care and later hospice, my Evergreen family was there. The phenomenal physicians and staff were kind and caring, but most importantly they were thorough.”

John and Teddy have spent a lifetime giving back and being involved with their community and have taught their sons to find ways to give as well. “Being involved with the Foundation keeps me better informed about the needs of our community and as I get older having access to quality healthcare is so important.”

Teddy was elated with the community’s support of the Halvorson Cancer Center. “I love how generous our donors are and believe that many will join me in becoming a member of The Evergreen Legacy Society to help secure the future of our community hospital. I want to make sure superior healthcare is available for generations to come”. Teddy chose her gift strategy with that future in mind, making EvergreenHealth the beneficiary of a life insurance policy.

“My wish for the future is that my family are all contributing members of society, but I want EvergreenHealth to last forever. Giving back is what keeps our humanity alive so I am honored to be a member of The Evergreen Legacy Society.”

Teddy chose to make her gift through a life insurance policy. For more information on how to utilize life insurance, click here.