Supporting Caregivers like Tom

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This is what the Seasons of Hope Luncheon makes happen.


“Little did we know this wonderful nurse, Tom Sanguino, would come into
our lives to help us take care of our dying son, Terry.”

Tom Sanguino, RN, is a recent Daisy Award winner for his inspiring and gentle work in EvergreenHealth Hospice Home Care. The DAISY Award is something recognized nationally – honoring the remarkable care, clinical skills and compassion demonstrated by nurses. Tom was nominated after providing respectful, gentle and oustanding care for a patient and their family. 

The family says, “Terry was not the easiest patient to care for – he wanted to do things his way – and Tom always found a way to respect his wishes but provide comfort and make sure he was safe. Terry was adamant about staying in his room and not moving into the main part of our home. Tom made it work, no small feat.” 

Tom’s professionalism and dedication to honoring patients wishes through their hospice journey is a hallmark of the care provided through EvergreenHealth Hospice and Palliative Care programs.The program is supported by a host of professionals, volunteers and contributors like you.   

Our Seasons of Hope Fundraising Luncheon supports the work of the EvergreenHealth Hospice and Palliative Care Programs.

Join us in celebrating our 10th annual event on November 8, 2018 at the Marriott in Redmond – NEW Venue!