“To get from February 28th to now, it’s staggering and remarkable”

EvergreenHealth Chief Medical Officer, Ettore Palazzo, MD on the logistics and investment required to secure personal protection equipment (PPE) to keep staff, patients and the community safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

EvergreenHealth prepared for this: every year several employees participate in a full-out emergency preparedness training for first responders and health care providers that intensely simulates potential catastrophes, including a global pandemic. Each year the lessons learned would be shared and they became the foundation of our organization’s emergency preparedness plan.

One of those lessons learned: supplies will diminish quicker than expected and we should anticipate that additional supplies may not be available for several days. Immediately after EvergreenHealth proactively diagnosed two patients with COVID-19, being the first hospital in the country to do so, EvergreenHealth quickly responded to both find avenues to acquire PPE and develop tools to track those supplies.

Personal Protection Equipment continues to be one of the greatest needs in healthcare as we consider the potential surge of COVID-19 cases this winter. Invest in what matters most – the health of our frontline heroes and the patients they care for every day – and make a gift towards purchasing the PPE required to continue fighting COVID-19.