The EvergreenHealth Monroe Recovery Center

The drug and alcohol problem has ballooned into headlines over the past few years both here locally and around the county and in 2017, the opioid epidemic was declared a national public health emergency.

But the need is great locally in the greater Sky Valley Community… Over the past two years (2017 & 2018) there were over a hundred opioid-related deaths each year in Snohomish County. This equates to two people losing their lives every week.  Our area is disproportionately impacted when compared to other counties. Snohomish County experiences 18% of all heroin-related deaths even though it only comprises of 10% of the state’s population.

The Recovery Center at EvergreenHealth Monroe offers a solution to the revolving door of addiction. It serves patients from all walks of life seeking help for chemical dependency throughout the Pacific Northwest. Through its personalized approach to outpatient and residential treatment programs, The Recovery Center is there as a resource for each patient to achieve the most successful outcomes.. Together, the Recovery Center has helped thousands of individuals return to their families and live lives free from the dependence of drug and alcohol.

The Recovery Center does everything in their power to give as many individuals the tools and treatment to succeed. But it needs your support. Whether its providing the basic necessities for patients who arrive at The Center with nothing more then the clothes on their back, to covering co-pays for needed prescriptions for individuals who cannot afford it, the Recovery Center needs financial support to continue to serve this vulnerable community.

With more and more patients seeking medically supervised detox, the inpatient residential programs to our outpatient services the time is now to support the Recovery Center’s mission. Please take a moment and make a life-saving contribution today.