Join us and the hundreds of staff members, physicians, and volunteers who help provide our patients and community even better care by participating in the annual employee giving Campaign for EvergreenHealth Monroe.

What is the Campaign for EvergreenHealth Monroe?
The Campaign for EvergreenHealth Monroe is the annual staff, physician, and volunteer giving campaign. We hope to fulfill our year-round mission to provide the people of our community with compassionate, safe and exceptional care, and to build a culture of philanthropy at EvergreenHealth Monroe. Every summer a committee is brought together to review the grants and award those that meet the small grant guidelines.

When is the campaign?

The campaign will be ran in October/November and payroll pledges will be booked from January 1, 2020 through December 31, 2020 and will rollover each year, unless otherwise directed.

What does the staff campaign support?

While all staff have the opportunity to direct their I GIVE contribution to any service area where a fund is set-up, it is highly encouraged for employees to support the Employee Fund. The campaign supports EFAC (Employee Fund Allocation Committee). EFAC is a program where departments at EvergreenHealth Monroe have the opportunity to apply for small grants for their department to better meet the needs of their patients that otherwise cannot be covered by their budgets.

While gifts are accepted year-round, the campaign officially runs during the month’s of November and December. Employees can donate through payroll deduction, one-time cash gift, or donate PTO hours.