Glassybaby has been a valued partner with the EvergreenHealth Foundation for almost five years now, and what a wonderful partnership it has been and continues to be.

EvergreenHealth Foundation has been one of the many beneficiaries of glassybaby’s white light fund – the company’s nonprofit, donating 10% of selected glassybaby’s to various organizations in the community to help people, animals, and the environment. In the last year, glassybaby’s white light fund has donated over $113,000 to the EvergreenHealth Foundation to benefit Cancer Support Services. This donation comes from 10% of all ‘Evergreen’ glassybaby sales, and 10% of all proceeds from their December 2017 Bellevue store sales.

This contribution has a direct impact on our patients here at EvergreenHealth and has benefitted 452 patients in the last year by distribution of small grants to cancer patients, assisting them with various items such as groceries, transportation to and from appointments, house cleaning, car insurance and utilities, and more. On behalf of the patients, their families, and our staff here at EvergreenHealth, we are so grateful for the many lives and homes that have been supported as a result of glassybaby’s generosity.

To be a part of the magic, purchase your Evergreen glassybaby today! 10% of all Evergreen sales will continue to benefit EvergreenHealth’s Cancer Support Services.