Hospice Patient Makes Final Visit to the Outdoors – Ed’s Story

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Hospice Patient Makes Final Visit to the Outdoors
Ed, who lived in an adult family home, had not been outside for several years as a result of his illness and the difficulty in transporting him. His wish, which he shared with the EvergreenHealth Hospice Chaplain Curt Huber at the time, was to go outdoors.

In Ed’s healthier years, he was a Forest Ranger and “lived for the outdoors”. Chaplain Huber alerted the Hospice staff of Ed’s wish. The staff contacted the Snohomish County Fire District in Edmonds who were happy to help.

In March of 2014, EvergreenHealth Hospice staff alongside the Snohomish County Fire District staff accompanied Ed on an outing to Meadowdale Beach Park in Edmonds so that he could take in the great Northwest air in a place where he felt at-home and at peace.


This is just one example of the impact that you make as a donor – investing in the future of your loved ones so that when the time comes, they are taken care of.

At EvergreenHealth, our staff takes pride in treating the patient as a whole with a main focus on quality of life, and not just for pain management. What gives our patients meaning in life is what is most important to our staff. Sometimes this can mean something as grandiose as Ed’s story, which may be unique, or as small as finger-painting with a grandchild for the last time – both having significant meaning in the patient’s end-of-life experience.

How can you help be the impact?
Join us at the Seasons of Hope Fundraising Luncheon benefiting EvergreenHealth’s Hospice and Palliative Care Programs. Proceeds from this annual event ensure that stories like Ed’s will continue to be a possibility for all loved ones. Visit www.SeasonsOfHopeLuncheon.org to be involved.