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Dobkins, Carolyn
Carolyn Dobkins with Laurene Burton

Carolyn Dobkins, a 9 year old third-grader at a local elementary school, visited EvergreenHealth to make a very special donation in memory of her “GrandpaMan” Larry Adams who passed in April 2014. Carolyn collected coins, gave up her allowance, and found her GrandpaMan’s shoebox of change in order to make a $330.50 gift to The Evergreen Fund. Along with her grandmother, EvergreenHealth volunteer Connie Adams, Carolyn told the Foundation staff “she just wanted the money to be spread around the hospital so it could help everybody”.

The loving grandma/granddaughter team rolled the coins and took them to the bank so they could make a personal visit to EvergreenHealth…even on a school day. When asked how long it took her to roll the coins to make her gift, Carolyn quipped, “Let’s just say I had to go to Grandma’s twice”.

As we celebrate the giving season, the EvergreenHealth Foundation is proud to have such a wonderful “junior philanthropist” in our midst. Thank you for caring about your community, Carolyn!