Evergreen Hospice Patient Care & Counseling -A bereaved wife’s story

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My eight year journey caring for my husband affected by Alzheimer’s brought me to Evergreen Hospice Care in May 2013.

The loneliness and uncertainty of what to do as his level of care increased was lessened by the caring and skilled professionals from Evergreen Hospice. Inja, RN and her staff visited regularly and helped me receive the needed equipment and supplies. They were concerned not only in the comfort of my husband but also in how well I was doing physically and emotionally.

Their expert care and clear guidelines reduced the stress I was experiencing and gave me needed control in my life to continue to care for my husband in our home.

Evergreen Grief & Bereavement Counseling —

A year after my husband’s passing I gathered enough courage to seek Group Bereavement Counselling.

I remember the day I accepted the invitation to join a group. Stopping by the Hospice office I explained to the staff that the tears streaming down my face were not me crying! They gently explained that they were emotional tears of grief and part of a normal healing.

My joining this grief counseling group introduced me to five other women who also lost their husband in the past 12 months. Meeting our counselor Pat and her co-workers Raul and Shannon started our new road to self-confidence and the ability to handle grief. We shared, shed tears and gave each other courage to continue in this program. We worked through “what is grief”, “honoring our feelings”, and the “hard work of mourning and processing grief.”

Today, 5 years after counseling, we still meet. Not so often-but then we’ve become stronger, more confident individuals. Our sharing now includes laughter, encouragement and talk of an exciting, promising future.

Thank you Evergreen Hospice for the help and encouragement to heal and grow!

-Joan Capili, Bereaved Wife