At EvergreenHealth we RESPECT our patients by providing respected healthcare services and constantly seeking opportunities to enhance our care for optimum patient outcomes.

With a pandemic in our world, we continue to respect our patients through our preparedness and response to the ever-changing developments with COVID-19. Our Intensive Care Unit (ICU) has been at the pandemics epicenter, made infamous by the diagnosis of the first COVID-19 positive patient in the United States. Many of our rooms were outfitted with negative airflow technology as part of our emergency preparation plan, but more needs to be done to combat the crises of today and tomorrow. New technologies including non-invasive Impella Devices for cardiovascular patients, UV sanitizing technology, and Interactive Patient Whiteboards are among the few advancements we plan to make to bring our ICU into the future. Funds from our virtual gala will go towards the purchase of these critical technologies that will change the way we can provide optimum care to our patients by expanding our resources, decreasing hospital-transmitted diseases and improving patient experience.

The EvergreenHealth ICU needs your help to purchase two additional Clean Slate Device machines to help sanitize and clean personal property of patients and staff including cell phones, keys and stethoscopes. The Clean Slate Device provides an effective UV sanitation cleaning mechanism for handheld items within the hospital in less than one minute and is 99.9% effective in killing germs.

Staff, patient and visitor devices all present the same challenge:  harboring bacteria that increases the risk of infection. CleanSlate UV allows healthcare facilities to sanitize smartphones, tablets and portable equipment quickly. It reduces the cross-contamination risk from these devices with a 30-second UV-C process.