Over the past 18 years the Evergreen Gala has benefited various departments throughout the Hospital. Learn more about past beneficiaries and watch the Fund-A-Need videos to see what your generous support has helped provide.


2019 Gala Beneficiary: EvergreenHealth Neurological Surgery Program
The charitable focus of the 2019 Evergreen Gala was the Neurological Surgery Program. Beginning in 2017 EvergreenHealth began a dedicated effort to recruit neurosurgeons and develop advanced programs for the surgical treatment of the most challenging neurological diseases. These diseases include: malignant brain and spine tumors, Parkinson’s Disease, aneurysms, stroke, and epilepsy.  Critical to this effort is the implementation of advanced technologies applied during surgical procedures.  These key technologies will include the seamless integration of: intraoperative image guidance, bioluminescence of tumors during surgical resection, real time detection of blood flow to critical areas of the brain, and CAT scanning within the operating room.  Combined these technologies will provide the platform to deliver state-of-the-art treatment to our patients and community – ultimately providing the safest and most effective treatments available anywhere.

2018 Gala Beneficiary: EvergreenHealth’s Stroke and Neuroscience Programs

The charitable focus of the 2018 Evergreen Gala is the Stroke and Neuroscience programs.  There have been dramatic changes in the nature of stroke care and our ability to either reduce or eliminate the effects of a stroke.  EvergreenHealth has benefitted from a nationally recognized, high quality stroke program, and, with the recent addition of neurosurgeons and stroke interventional specialists, we are poised to offer the most advanced acute stroke therapies.

Every 40 seconds, someone in our country has a stroke – currently the #5 cause of death and the leading cause of preventable disability nationally.  Stroke disproportionately affects women, for whom it is the 3rdleading cause of death.  Recent national trends have also seen a rise in stroke affecting younger patients as well – a trend we’re experiencing in our community.

Significant advances in the tools used to treat stroke patients have occurred at an accelerated rate over the past year.  These unprecedented advances in therapies can now make the difference between a person being paralyzed or mobile, mute or speaking, returning to work or being sent to a nursing home.  One such critical tool is a biplane angiography system. The bi-plane provides 3- dimensional visualization that makes it possible for the physician to remove or dissolve blood clots in acute stroke as well as treat aneurysms, perform the first step in surgeries for some tumors, and open closed arteries.  The biplane and investments made in our Neuroscience programs, will allow our providers and staff to continue our tradition of providing the highest quality, best outcomes, and most advanced care possible to our community.

2017 Gala Beneficiary: EvergreenHealth’s Transitional Care Unit for Behavioral Health

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The charitable focus of the 2017 Evergreen Gala was EvergreenHealth’s Transitional Care Unit.  EvergreenHealth’s vision is to be the most trusted source for health care solutions and we are dedicated to adapting to the growing and changing health care needs of our community.  One such emerging and urgent need is specialized clinical care for those with behavioral health concerns.

Nationally, nearly 25% of all adult hospital stays involve depression, bipolar, schizophrenia and other mental health disorders or substance use-related disorders.   Unfortunately, behavioral health needs are outpacing available resources in our communities, often leaving hospitals in the difficult situation of caring for patients with behavioral health needs, while outpatient and/or long-term inpatient treatment options are secured, without the appropriate care settings.

At EvergreenHealth, we too are caring for ever-increasing numbers of patients with behavioral health needs.  These patients include those with strictly behavioral health concerns and those who have behavioral health concerns and need medical care as well.  Behavioral health patients present distinct challenges from both a safety and security perspective, but also a care management perspective.  While our hospital is the appropriate care setting to treat these patients’ medical or surgical conditions, without a dedicated unit and specially trained staff, we offer a less than ideal setting for managing ongoing behavioral health conditions.

Without the necessary resources available in the community, and in order to provide the highest level of care possible to these patients, a specialized unit will be created.  Our vision is to establish a 14-bed Transitional Care Unit on the second floor of our medical center’s Purple zone.  This unit, while not planned to be a dedicated behavioral health unit (as EvergreenHealth is not a licensed behavioral health facility), will be designed to serve the unique needs of patients who have behavioral health issues and are receiving care at EvergreenHealth. The unit will ensure that their unique needs are met as they are transitioning to their final care setting for the management of their behavioral health condition.

The safety and security of these patients and our staff call for a special care setting, designed to meet their needs.  Therefore, the Transitional Care Unit will be a secured unit with direct video observation technology installed in each patient room.  The physical environment will be renovated to cultivate a calming setting, and staff will receive extensive training and education on the special needs of this patient population.

In addition to ensuring every life we touch receives the best clinical outcomes, absolute safety and exceptional service, a dedicated transition unit will open capacity on our medical and surgical nursing units, which will help us meet the growing need in our community for medical/surgical care. The combined benefits will help us provide an appropriate care team and setting for all patients, improve the delivery of care throughout the system, and streamline the regulatory oversight and care coordination of a special patient population – while improving the safety and experience for our patients and staff alike.

2016: EvergreenHealth Family Maternity Center
The charitable focus of the 2016 Evergreen Gala was EvergreenHealth’s Family Maternity Center with a focus on the unique needs of our laboring mothers and their little ones who have yet to make their grand entrance. Monitoring laboring patients and their infants is crucial to ensuring the safe delivery of more than 4,500 babies who arrive at EvergreenHealth each year. Gala proceeds will fund new fetal monitors, allowing our laboring mothers to experience the highest level of mobility, comfort and safety during this incredibly important time.

Our extensive fetal monitoring system is ready to be replaced by newer technology that is designed to enhance the experience for our laboring families and their babies. This new system takes advantage of wireless technology, allowing mothers to move freely during labor with less fear and risk of disrupting the fetal monitor. Freedom of mobility during labor has been shown to have a multitude of benefits. Beyond providing a greater level of general comfort for the laboring mother, movement has been shown to help with fetal descent, fetal positioning and to naturally increase labor progression. Without the constraints of wires, patients can also utilize a variety of positions to enhance labor advancement and manage pain. Increasingly many of our families are seeking ways to minimize birth interventions and this wireless technology will support their intent to do so – allowing us to provide the most personalized, comfortable experience possible. The new monitors provide these enhancements, all while improving our ability to monitor unborn babies – without requiring the mother to remain in bed – ensuring the highest level of fetal safety and birth outcomes. With 36 labor rooms, we seek to implement this improvement throughout our Family Maternity Center.

Learn more about the Family Maternity Center here.
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2015: EvergreenHealth Home Care
Patients living with a serious health condition are at times disconnected from their families and medical providers. They often express a need to be self-sufficient, yet struggle with managing their health conditions on a daily basis. eHomeHealth provides a connection for these patients, their families and their entire healthcare team, including their physician, through the use of real-time technology. This technology will be in the form of video skyping with their health team members, online ordering of medications, review of daily weight and blood pressure and other vital stats, and many of the critical daily needs that they might require from their healthcare team.

Family members, near and far, may be included with the care team and will have access to their loved ones health records, giving them the peace-of-mind that their family member is getting the highest quality of care, regardless of their lack of mobility. This technology will bring the patients entire healthcare team right into their home.

Learn more about Evergreen Home Care here.
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2014: Acute Rehabilitation Unit
The intent of an acute rehabilitation stay is to prepare patients for the transition home following a serious illness, injury, or hospitalization that has led to impaired physical function. The 14-bed ARU at EvergreenHealth is the only inpatient rehab unit on the eastside. Patients receive intensive rehabilitation provided by physical, occupational, and speech therapists, certified rehab nurses, and physiatrists (rehabilitation physicians). Gala proceeds assisted with the development of a specialized “home transition” room that will simulate the environment patients must adjust to once they return home, as well as provided support for additional program upgrades to enhance the therapeutic environment.
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2013: Women’s & Children’s Services – NICU
A baby’s first hour of life is known as the golden hour — whether it’s skin to skin contact with its mother, or being stabilized for a healthy lifetime. It takes a dedicated and highly skilled team of professionals to support critically ill and extremely premature infants during the first hour of life. The first hour is critical to the long term survival and development of newborns. The proceeds from the Gala funded expanded space and innovative technology that is required to care for these very special babies as they enter into the world.
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2012: Cancer Services – Breast Health Center
Our center currently has the very newest in technology with the 3-D Mammography – Tomosynthesis. Our center provides women in our community with health education, diagnosis, and care through a team of committed and talented staff and physicians. For those patients who are diagnosed with cancer, our care continues with a cancer team whose outcomes exceed national standards.
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2011: Cancer Services

2010: Cardiac Care

2009: Evergreen Neuroscience Institute

2008: Cancer Services

2007: Women’s & Children’s Services – NICU

2006: Evergreen Neuroscience Institute

2005: Nursing Education

2004: Cancer Services

2003: Emergency Services

2002: Women’s & Children’s Services – NICU