From its humble beginnings in the 1960’s EvergreenHealth has maintained its status as a premier public hospital on the Eastside providing exceptional care built on a foundation of excellence.

I have been at Evergreen Hospital, yes it was a ‘hospital’ back then, for quite a while. At that time we were a little place, with only 65 beds. I remember when we actually had 30 births in ONE MONTH!! This was cause for a big celebration. Our Intensive Care Unit was an open room with four beds and cardiac care was six beds. No cat scans. No IV pumps. Deer out on our lawns every morning were a beautiful sight. Our little three-story hospital sat on 72 acres of prime Kirkland land. Now we have built on every bit of our land AND still have the only FREE Parking around!”- Mary Beth Menagh, RN

The ICU Construction began in the 1960’s and is a staple of EvergreenHealth’s hospital system.

From the past to the present, EvergreenHealth has continued to serve the community with integrity and excellence. We pride ourselves on being forward thinking and prepared, so when an unexpected pandemic reached our community, EvergreenHealth launched into a comprehensive emergency plan and partnership with both local and national health organizations, such as the CDC. EvergreenHealth established itself overnight as a leading hospital through the activation of its staff and implementation of its emergency preparedness plan in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). The ICU at EvergreenHealth received credit for proactively identifying and diagnosing the first positive patient for COVID-19. We are calling upon our community to help support us by raising $1 million to provide innovative and essential technology to our ICU so that we can continue delivering the best possible care for our patients, their families and our community.

A glimpse at the new ICU patient room designs. Mirroring our current model in Silver Tower, the new ICU will provide advanced technology, modernized design and enlarged rooms.

We have a vision at EvergreenHealth for the future of our ICU. It is a vision centered around patients, their families and quality care. The new ICU will be modeled after the modernized Silver Tower floors with cyclical lighting, open, transparent floor plans, spacious and warm patient rooms, and the latest, most advanced technology available. We will center our ICU, as we always have, around our core values–leading with excellence, compassion, accountability, respect, and  collaboration.

Help us make our vision a reality.