2018 Gala Beneficiary: 

EvergreenHealth’s Stroke and Neuroscience Programs


The charitable focus of the 2018 Evergreen Gala is the Stroke and Neuroscience programs.  There have been dramatic changes in the nature of stroke care and our ability to either reduce or eliminate the effects of a stroke.  EvergreenHealth has benefitted from a nationally recognized, high quality stroke program, and, with the recent addition of neurosurgeons and stroke interventional specialists, we are poised to offer the most advanced acute stroke therapies.

Every 40 seconds, someone in our country has a stroke – currently the #5 cause of death and the leading cause of preventable disability nationally.  Stroke disproportionately affects women, for whom it is the 3rdleading cause of death.  Recent national trends have also seen a rise in stroke affecting younger patients as well – a trend we’re experiencing in our community.

Significant advances in the tools used to treat stroke patients have occurred at an accelerated rate over the past year.  These unprecedented advances in therapies can now make the difference between a person being paralyzed or mobile, mute or speaking, returning to work or being sent to a nursing home.  One such critical tool is a biplane angiography system. The bi-plane provides 3- dimensional visualization that makes it possible for the physician to remove or dissolve blood clots in acute stroke as well as treat aneurysms, perform the first step in surgeries for some tumors, and open closed arteries.  The biplane and investments made in our Neuroscience programs, will allow our providers and staff to continue our tradition of providing the highest quality, best outcomes, and most advanced care possible to our community.


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