Each year, hundreds of EvergreenHealth employees, physicians, and volunteers support the Campaign for EvergreenHealth.

Diana Boyd 6Why I Give – Diana Boyd
Construction Management

“I give to the Evergreen Fund because of all EvergreenHealth has given me and my community.  Knowing I have helped in a small way to keep our medical facility constantly reaching new heights in excellence is rewarding.  It’s a journey I’m proud to be a part of.”




Debbi Grieser 2Why I Give – Debbi Grieser
Call & Referral Support

“I have been an employee of Evergreen Hospital for the past twenty years.  I have always believed in supporting causes that help people and add value to the community. I think that the staff support of the Campaign for Evergreen Health is important in so many ways. It helps you as an employee give back to an organization that has provided so much to you, it assists people in the community that might not be able to help themselves, and it provides an overall sense of wellbeing when you can be part of the Evergreen team in the “I Give” campaign. I think that it one small way of caring for my coworkers and my employer.”

Justin Bell crop bWhy I Give – Justin Bell
Radiation Oncology

“EvergreenHealth is where I work.  It’s also where my family gets their care. If everyone gives a little, it can make a big difference. I invest in EvergreenHealth because they have invested in me.”


Shahid Rashid Crop bWhy I Give – Shahid Rashid

“I give back because it’s the right thing to do.”



Joan Glenn 2Why I Give – Joan Glenn
Family Maternity Center

“I give to the employee campaign because I am proud of the heart and quality of care EvergreenHealth provides our community and hope Evergreen continues to be a place of excellence and innovative healthcare for years to come. There are numerous creative people in our organization who are striving to implement or enhance our hospital programs and resources for our patients throughout the life spectrum.  Providing financial donations to the Foundation on a yearly basis supports the potential of these new ideas and patient care enhancements.  Although my contribution is small, it adds up over the years and that makes me smile!”