The Campaign for EvergreenHealth – Fund Designations

100% of your gift supports projects that enhance the services of EvergreenHealth Medical Center.

Some of the most often supported funds include:

Evergreen Fund – Supports the greatest needs of EvergreenHealth, funding EFAC each year.

Patient and Family Needs Fund – Assists patients and their families with urgent needs, such as grocery vouchers, clothing, transportation and emergency housing.

Hospice Fund – Provides general support for Evergreen Hospice. Funds may be used for care of patients and their families, staff and patient education materials, equipment and other needs.

Emergency Department Fund – Provides funding for patient care support in the Emergency Department, which includes, but is not limited to equipment and education materials.

Patient Care Fund – Assists patients with inadequate insurance coverage and limited resources to pay for their medical care, medications and other expenses.

Senior Care Services Fund – Provides patient care support for the Senior Care program including the Senior Care Clinic.

Cancer Program Fund – Provides funding for patient care services, minor equipment and supplies for the Oncology department.

Women’s and Children’s Services Fund – Provides support to enhance the Family Maternal Center and related birthing programs and services.

Home Health Fund – Provides support for program, equipment and services which assist people in their management of chronic health problems in the comfort of their home.