2019 EvergreenHealth Foundation annual Donors

Champions $1 Million +


Michael and Mary Kay Hallman

Influencers $100,000 – $999,999

Whidbey Coffee Company

Benefactors $25,000 – $99,999

The Anderson Foundation
Emerald Heights
Evergreen Emergency Services
Microsoft Matching Gifts Program
Names Family Foundation
Denali Advanced Integration
Premera Blue Cross
Estate of Leona M. Kirkey
Wesco Group
Majdi and Dana Daher
Al and Donna DeYoung
Dr. Mark and Jayme Freeborn
Brenda Halvorson and Mark Rex
Kent and Suzie Halvorson
Lon and Colleen Halvorson
Elling and Barbara Halvorson
Sandy Myerson and Michael Gailus

Sustainers $10,000 – $24,999

First Choice Health
Radia, Inc.
MEDNAX Health Partners
Keyes Foundation
The Norcliffe Foundation
Bellevue Healthcare
Merchants Credit Association
Matrix Anesthesia, PS
Seattle Cancer Care Alliance
Pacific Office Automation
Laboratory Corporation of America
PRK Livengood
Professional Credit
D.V. & Ida McEachern Charitable Trust
Philips Wellcentive
William E. Wockner Foundation
BASF Corporation
Team Snepp Charitable Fund
Skony Resources, Inc.
Anthony Ambrose and Kelly Flynn
Dr. Angela Chien and Steve Bassett
John and Diane DeYoung
Stella DeYoung
Doug Edlund and Catherine Boshaw
Dr. William and Bonnie Getchell
Dustin Hayward and Vicky Chiu
Dr. Priscilla Hoang and Mr. Adrian Synal
Dr. Karlyn and Daniel Huddy
Dr. Karlyn and Daniel Huddy
Shari McClure
Dave and Sofia Quigley
Catherine Shelley Reed
Nancy and Ben Remak
Drs. Lloyd Stambaugh and Maria Chong


Sponsors $5,000 – $9,999

Adler Giersch Law Firm
Ash Consulting LLC
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Boeing Company Gift Matching Program
Davis Wright Tremaine, LLP
Hall Render/Art deVaux
Lease Crutcher Lewis
Payden & Rygel Investment Management
Puget Sound Energy Foundation
Regence BlueShield
Wells Fargo
The Schuler Family Foundation
Helsell Fetterman LLP
Parker, Smith & Feek
Thomas Cuisine
SRG Partnership
Manseclo, LLC
Burek Family Charitable Fund
Dr. Emun Abdu and Wazir Abdullahi
Jeanne Barker
Dawn Barr
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Block
Ralph and Kathy Brindley
Jeffrey and Judy Cashman
Jungsook Chang
Kelly Clinch, MD
James and Nancy Crim
Dennis and Deborah DeYoung
Larry and Paula Dime
Tom and Jennifer Faley
Bob and Shirley Ferguson
Ruth Forhan
Dr. Wayne L. and Deborah L. Hill
Rebecca and Derrick Isackson
Dr. Shiveindra and Sowmya Jeyamohan
Drs. M. Sean Kincaid and Susan Li
Tim and Priscilla McLaughlin
Desiree Miller
Judith Muench
Dr. Peter and Tricia Nora
Peter and Jana Norman
Eleanor Orth
Kae L. Peterson
Larry and Joyce Pinnt
Ronald and Susan Runyon
Patrick and Dianne Schultheis
Mary and Randy Shepler
Commissioner Virgil and Kelly Snyder
Nancy and Tom Stewart
Dr. Eric Taylor and Ms. Sheena Aebig
Dr. Jeffrey and Merrie Tomlin
Jim and Bonnie Towne
Angelina Wallent and Nick Wilson
Ginger White


Advocates $1,000 – $4,999

Thurston Charitable Foundation
Madison House Retirement Community
Medtronic Physio Control Corporation
Aldrich & Associates, Inc.
Employees Community Fund of Boeing Puget Sound
Evergreen Washelli Funeral Home & Cemetery
Barton Family Funeral Service
Tolo Events
Estate of Bernice E. Tutt
Google Inc.
EvergreenHealth Heart Care
Firmani + Associates
Porsche Club of America, Pacific NW Region
Fedelta Home Care
Macy’s East
Klabunde Family Fund
MAS Architecture
Stantec, Inc.
Advanced Health Media
RET Physical Therapy
Genentech USA
Ankrom Moisan Architects, Inc.
Diversified Search
Sanofi Genzyme
Betty Jane Martin Charitable Fund
Saint-Gobain Corp
The Lorvick Charitable Fund
The Richard and Janet Hunter Donor Advised Fund
Wold Family Foundation
Meany Family Charitable Gift Fund
Connie Adams
Richard and Donna Adler
Donna Anderson
Steven and Brooke Angl├ęs
Gregg and Kirsten Aoyama
Dr. Juan and Hilary Anne Aragon
Erica and Lee Ash
Valerie and David Ashbaugh
Mrs. and Mr. Leslie M. Banks
Terri L. Bardsley
Dr. Amy Beiter and Mr. Keith Brust
Drs. Peter and Kristi Benda
Cindy Jean Bennett
Dr. and Mrs. Chad M. Bentsen
Reed Bettinger and Laurel Z. Rich
John and Erika Bigelow
Keith Brandt
Don and Meg Briggs
Dr. and Mrs. James D. Brown
Dr. Theodore R. and Joy Brown
Matt and Kathryn Bruner
Patrick and Kattie Cabe
Joan Capili
Pete and Marianne Caputo
Robb Carter
Cheryl Chamberlin
Russell and Claudia Christensen
Alison and John Corby
Ahmad and Stephanie Daher
Carolyn L. Day
Melissa and Dave DeLong
Lucy DeYoung
J. Donald and Merrily Dicks
Siva Dosapati
Gayle Doss
Dr. Paul H. and Teresa Dreyfuss
Jodi and John Duggan
Guy Farmer
Amy Farrier
Julie Faust
Neil and Allicia Ferguson
Kris Fitting
Pamela and Daniel Freemon
Jeffrey and Kelly Friedman
Monique and Adam Gablehouse
Resa and Nick Galash
Jacob Gent
Mark and Debby Gentzen
Katharyn A. Gerlich
Robert and Michele Gilb
Irene Giustina
David and Nancy Gunter
Erika Haas
Julie Hagglund
Drs. Jack and Shirley Handley
Kirk A. Hanson and Kimberley W. Kidd
Gary and Carrol Harris
Heather and Michael Hatada
Dr. and Mrs. Charles H. Heffron
Paul Helmuth and Sean McNicholas
Shelly and Neil Henderson
Drs. Jennifer and Nathan Hines
Rebecca and Tom Hirt
Nancee and Steve Hofmeister
Derek and DeeAnn Holdt
Nicole and Roger Howe
Sarah and Marcus Howell
Jenn and Andrew Hoyord
Carol Hunt
Dr. Stephen G. and Jan Hyde
Marguerite and James Jamieson
Linda and Eric Jeppesen
Nancy Jewett
Marion Johnson
Larry and Darla Jurgens
Roan Kang
Kelli Kennedy
Karen Ketner
Gaby Khouri
Greg B. and Lauri King
Pat Kinnaird
Rachel D. Knight and Mike Stuckey
Andrea Kucirek
Katharine Lamperti, M.D.
Dr. and Mrs. Barry M. Lawson
Dr. Yung and Christina Lee
Drs. Charles and Melissa Lee
Harold and Lynne Lew
Drs. David and Laurin Likosky
Pauline and Ping-Yu Liu
Douglas MacLachlan
Mark and Danielle Magistrale
Christi and John Mahon
Karissa and Todd Marker
Nancy Marshall M.D.
Stephanie McCann
Amanda McCann
Deborah McNeil
Stephanie McVey
Richard and Jennifer Meeks
Drs. Aileen Mickey and Victor deCarvalho
George Mitchell
Gabriel M. Morelli
John and Heather Morrow
Mary and Stephen Munchak
Ali Naqvi
Dr. Nancy J. and Larry Neubauer
Vicky Nollette
Jaja Okigwe and Teresita Carral
Timothy and Mary Ord
Cliff and Diane Otis
Teddy Lou Overleese
Dr. and Mrs. Ettore Palazzo
Drs. Raymond D. Park and Mazie Park
Linda and Jerome Paros
Dr. Komal Patil-Sisodia and Harshal Sisodia
Debra L. Payton and Jeffrey M. Cox
Jack and Claire Peters
Randal and Donna Peterson
Jill Peterson
Jim and Lanette Peterson
James and Jessica Pierson
Rhonda Pollard
Barbara Poyneer
Steve and Janis Rabuchin
Derek Rae
Vickie L. Ravenscroft, RN
Carrie Reichel
Don Reynolds
Gloria L. Root
Trish Rohner
Jeff and Anna Rospond
Chris and Elizabeth Rusnak
Dr. Brian and Michele Rutherford
Robert and Barbara Sampson
Donald and Beverly Schmidt
Nate Searle
Lynne Singer
Karl M. Snepp
Karen Snepp
Kimberly and Allon Stone
Alan and Nancy Strand
Dr. Scott and Rebecca Amos Stuart
Greg and Ruthann Tacher
Jennifer Taylor
Wayne Thomas III
Veneta Thompson
Virginia Toomb
Shirly A. Torpin
Wen Tseng and Jamie Foland-Tseng
Dr. Andrew and Bobye Turella
Dr. Joseph E. and Virginia Turner
Elisa M. Vila
Lynda Watson
Linda Werner
Priscilla and Timothy Wiest
Joel Wilkins
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Winslow
Dr. Joseph and Kylia Woodward
Jeffrey and Joan Huele Wright
Venisa Young
Dr. and Mrs. Ryan Zehnder
Dale Zobrist and Family
Judy F. Zybach

Partners $500 – $999

Lucy Acker
Debra Akhbari and Justin Maher
American Express Foundation Employee Matching Program
Molly Anderson
Irena Atov
Mary Banta
Shelley and Dave Bennett
Chris and Mark Berry
Glenn Bills
Michael and Heidi Brandon
Cheri L. Brennan and Tom Horsley
Drs. John and Kimberly Brockenbrough
Dr. Paul E. Buehrens
Margareta Burgess
Dr. Tim and Signe Carlos
Alex Carter
Timothy Cheng
Tsui Wah Cheng
Chudecke Family Rev Living Trust
Alex Collins
Kevin and Dawn-Rene Conefrey
Dr. and Mrs. Steven N. Connelly
Mike and Bretta Cosman
Eric and Shelley Cumley
Michael Dana
Data I/O Corporation
Raymond and Claudette Delger
Kendall and Karen Demaree
William DeVerna
Mr. Andrew G. Fallat and Ms. Marti Tarnowski
Jessica Ferguson
Paul and Heather Fisk
Beth and Cameron Fleury
Felicia Foster
Debra Francis
Richard Freedman
Gerald French
Garber Keydel Charitable Fund
Paulina Gauthier
Christine Gavlin
Lawrence Graves
Carol Hardan
Dr. Dawn Hastreiter and Mr. Alok Srivastava
Dr. and Mrs. Patrick Heffron
Jennifer Higgins-Smith and Will Smith
Hill Family Charitable Fund
Robert and Marilee Hinman
Barbara Hodgson
Dale and Gail Hoover
Michael Howard
Carol James
David and Lisa Jensen
Renee and Tom Jensen
Anthea Kjerulff
Koh-Lee Foundation
Greg and Angela Krisinger
Mike Kucera
Lili Kung and Cliff Watson
Councilmember Kathy and Daryl Lambert
Maria Laufasa
John B. Lee, Jr.
Drs. Melissa and Charles Lee
Arther and Desiree Leritz
Duncan and Rochelle Libby
Karen Liebel
Faye Lindquist
Chelci and Brandon Macek
Rubin R. Maidan, MD
Laura K. Main, RN
Tom and Tami Martin
Spencer Mathis
Ruth McCullough and Doug Wing
Dr. Ken and Becky Meckler
Anna Menne
Mirka USA Inc
Fred and Mary Mitchell
Dr. Amy M. Morrison
Elizabeth Moses
Margaret and John Nordmark
Drew and Robin Oliviera
Olympia Collision Repair
Sheri and Tracy Pierce
Dr. Charles and Barbara Pilcher
Queen City Auto Rebuild Inc
Dorothy Raichle
Dr. Mark S. and Dixie Raney
Dr. and Mrs. Bradley L. Remington
Bobbie Rettig
RNR Automotive Refinishing
Emily Salemann
Eva Sawtell
Andreas Schmetzer
Schoenfeld-Gardner Foundation
DeWayne Sennett
Ben Shaw
John F., Sr. and Belinda Sherwood
Jim and Karen Sleighter
Sue Smiley
Elisabeth Sorensen
Ron and Alice Spring
Evelyn Cruz Sroufe
State of Washington Office of State Treasurer
Susan Stead
Chris Stoneberg
Tina and Floyd Swift
Jeanna L. Taylor, RN
Kay Taylor
Carter Tillotson
Towaco Screw Machine Products LLC
David Ummel
Dale Vitiaz
Colette Vogele
Dale and Sally Walker
Lynda Walrath
Ming Wang
Valerie Whorton
Craig Williams
Ruth Wilson
Mark Wimley
Scott and Melissa Wiswall
Jason Woehler
Molly and Dave Wolf
Teresa Wylie
Mr. and Mrs. Hans Zunker