Community Adviser to Lifelong Supporter

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"Ben and I value EvergreenHealth since experiencing quality and compassionate care at the hospital. My grandmother and parents were patients there. I gave birth to our daughter at Evergreen, and Ben and I have both had procedures done at the hospital. We have always felt very good about the high level of care performed by a dedicated and professional staff. We feel so fortunate to have this amazing hospital in our community."

Inside Evergreen

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For more than 14 years, generous staff, physicians and volunteers have contributed to the annual Campaign for EvergreenHealth. The funds have supported the Evergreen Fund Allocation committee, the Cancer Campaign and specific departments.

Golden Hammer Ceremony Kicks off ARU Remodel

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The four-phase renovation of EvergreenHealth's Acute Rehabilitation Unit kicked off last week with our "Golden Hammer Ceremony." Guests were able make ceremonial first holes into a wall that will be removed to create the new expanded kitchen and dining area. Along with the new kitchen, a Home Transition Apartment will be created and all of the patient rooms will receive needed upgrades. This renovation was made possible by generous supporters at our 2014 Evergreen Gala.

Endowing a Memory

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Confidant and long-time friend of Suzanne Lewin, Donna Basher, describes Suzanne as a woman who had a thirst for knowledge, incredibly smart, and very feisty! Suzanne’s love for education came from her mother, Henrietta Lewin, a third grade teacher in New York. Her education brought her to the Northwest and she quickly found a lifelong career with the Washington State Employment Security from which she retired in the early 1980’s. Suzanne had tremendous respect for her mother who died from Parkinson’s Disease in the 70’s. She witnessed the difficulties that her mother faced and the limited support resources available to her at that time. It quickly became her mission to study the progress and treatment of patients affected by Parkinson’s.

“Family First, Evergreen Second”

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"Family first, Evergreen second” is how Foundation Board Member Teddy Overleese sums up her commitment to EvergreenHealth Foundation. I wanted to be involved with an organization that was meaningful to the community and Evergreen hits home for me and my family. There have been visits to emergency room and surgeries, but when John, my husband of 46 years, needed cancer care and later hospice, my Evergreen family was there. The phenomenal physicians and staff were kind and caring, but most importantly they were thorough.